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Windows 11 64 Bit Installer USB Drive to Install Windows 11

Windows 11 64 Bit Installer USB Drive to Install Windows 11

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 This USB stick will install windows 11 64 Bit onto your PC/Laptop with a blank or formatted SSD/HDD (if purchased with a laptop from this site the USB drive will include the latest version of the Lenovo System Update application and the pre-installed software on the laptop)

 Your system must support TPM 2.0 in order for this to install

Currently if you install on a system with a 7th generation or lower processor you may not be able find all compatible device drivers for your system

- Install USB Stick
- Restart or Power on PC / Laptop
- Enter the UEFI / BIOS 
- Usual key to enter Boot Options are one of the following F12, F10, ESC  (depends on device manufacturer, F12 is the option to pick for Lenovo ThinkPad's)
- Under boot options, select the USB Stick
- Save and exit
- Your PC / Laptop should restart
- Windows logo will appear
- Set up windows on your PC / Laptop
- Includes Win 11 Pro, Home, Education
- UK Language other languages available upon request
- 16GB USB 2 so around 10GB free space left on the drive 
Note this is the installation media only no activation key is included. 
Generally (no guarantees) If your device has previously run an activated copy of Windows 10 then it should activate WIN 11 automatically once Windows is installed and you connect to the internet.
If not, then you will need to purchase a licence - note you can still use the software without activation with only some minor restrictions.

Please feel free to contact me via the contact form for further information 

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